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Job purpose

The Assistant Cultivation Manager is responsible for assisting with the oversight of the cultivation facility. This hands-on position will be responsible for assisting with daily operations in cultivation including processes and procedures within the propagation, vegetation, and flowering phases. The Assistant Cultivation Manager will lead and mange employees ensuring that production needs are met, help ensure the company is in full compliance with all state and local regulations, and that any procedural problems are addressed and resolved. The Assistant Cultivation Manager will adjust workflow and procedures to increase yields, efficiency, and performance.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Develop and adhere to cultivation schedules to ensure plants are healthy and prepared for the flower process.
  • Enforce adherence to fertilization, irrigation and feed schedules
  • Ensure plants are receiving proper illumination, irrigation, nutrients, pruning, pest and disease control.
  • Oversee proper techniques related to cultivation; transplanting, pruning, defoliation, watering, feeding, and harvesting
  • Manage plant germination and propagation through cloning efforts.
  • Schedule harvest to plants based on cultivation schedule and plant maturation
  • Ensure that product is compliant with all relevant regulations and meets all standards established by the state of Michigan.
  • Ensure proper labeling, tagging and traceability of plants, including plant counts, both physically and in METRC, and alerting the Cultivation Inventory Manager of discrepancies immediately
  • Develop and update SOP’s for cultivation and post-harvest processes, enforcing strict adherence throughout the facility.
  • Assist with calculating production yields and determining areas of improvement for each harvest.
  • Facilitate and oversee inspections using inventory and compliance audits.
  • Conduct investigations when necessary, if inventory does not match production and transfer records.
  • Provide HR management for direct reports.
  • Train one or more persons as back up or point of contact
  • Follow up; from MRA inspections, correcting any issues identified


  • Bachelor’s degree in plant sciences and/or Agriculture related disciplines
  • 2+ years as a cultivator in a large scale cannabis operation
  • Ability to manage people and provide day to day supervision
  • Ability to gather, track and report on agricultural information obtained during harvest tracking

Physical Demands/Working conditions

Available to work during Harvest and Testing activities

Available to work 45+hours per 7-day week

Available to work weekends

Able to lift 30lbs

Direct reports

Cultivation Lead, Harvest Associates