THC123 is looking to recruit experienced cannabis growers for a newly MMFLA licensed cultivation location in Inkster, Michigan.

Cannabis growers will be responsible to oversee the operations at this cannabis cultivation facility. The operations include but are not limited to:

  • Sourcing, cloning, transplanting, and providing nutrients for various strains of marijuana plants
  • Setting up and maintaining irrigation systems and environmental controls
  • Ensuring that the facility is pest-free.
  • Manage other cannabis production employees, including bud trimmers, assistant growers, extraction technicians, etc.
  • Keep track of their facility's inventory.
  • Ensure that the production facility remains clean and organized, much like a laboratory environment, and that tasks are completed within budgetary and time constraints.

Cannabis growers will typically need a bachelor's degree or higher in horticulture, agriculture, agronomy or a related field, unless the grower has extensive direct experience. Growers are also responsible for topics such as marijuana production and safety techniques, law and policy, and biological effects of marijuana.

Required Skills

  • Cannabis growers need experience working at a greenhouse or indoor farm.
  • The management portion of the job requires:
    • leadership, organizational and communication skills
    • Training employees
    • Establishing schedules and workflow.
  • Growers need extensive knowledge of cannabis strains and plant genetics to be able to track and catalog plants from the clone stage to harvesting.